Diane Gould

We are very fortunate here in Tickhill to have some of the most talented miniature artists to help us learn their skills.

Diane Gould makes beautiful cold porcelain flowers and has a wonderful knowledge of real flowers which she reproduces perfectly in miniature.   


  I love Diane's courses.  So relaxing - I find working with the cold porcelain really therapeutic. and we always have lots to show for the few days’ work. The cold porcelain is much more delicate than other polymer clays and can be rolled, like pastry, until very thin which gives the flowers and plants a 3D effect rather than being flat as with paper flowers.  

   Diane has a lot of new cutters, in both 1/12th and 1/24th scale and you can make whatever flowers you would like for your particular project.  Diane will, of course, make some suggestions of flowers for you to make but you can make flowers to suit any setting, whether it be an arrangement for your dollshouse, a florist's shop or garden - or even exotic plants for your  conservatory. On one course we even made vegetables as you can see in the pictures.

This picture is a courtyard we did on Sue Simpson’s Paperclay course. All the flowers were done on Diane’s courses.  

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