How much?

The big question everyone asks is - "How much will it cost me?" Well, here we have it :

The 3 day general course costs £150 which includes snacks throughout the day and lunch cooked by my  husband! Well, he did say he would like to do some cooking on his retirement - a big mistake!  He has talents I didn't realise he had and they have been much appreciated.

To help you complete your project, I can supply sundry items, like paints (although I do suggest that if you have a particular colour in mind, you should bring it with you as it is difficult to carry every colour for everyone). I also have copper tape, wire etc for those who would like to electrify their dollshouse or roombox which can be incuded in the cost of the course. Other items, such as wood, lighting, glues etc. are for sale at reasonable prices.

You will only need to bring basic items for use on the course, such as a pencil, ruler, cuttiing mat, brushes in different sizes, scissors. I have everything you need and can advise you if you need to buy anything for use at home.  

The cost of the specialist courses is £160.00 for 3 days plus a fee to the tutor for the kit. The kits provided include everything you need for the project and if you need tools I, or the tutors will have everything necessary. 

The  cost of the (optional) evening meal is £10.  We usually eat at about 6.00pm so after the class, you could go back to you local B&B, or, as many do, carry on in the workshop until dinner is served. Some people prefer to relax in the conservatory and get ready to be waited upon!  

On booking, I will ask for  non-refundable and non-transferrable deposit of £50.  The balance can be paid at the end of the course.  

I have added a booking form on the site if you would like to book a course - unfortunately, I couldn't arrange for one which you can fill in from the site but you can print it and send it on to me with your deposit, or pay by Paypal if you have an account.

Click here for the Booking Form 

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