Happy Days in Tickhill

I think everyone who has been on a course here would agree that we do have a great time.  We laugh a lot but work hard at the same time.  It is possible to achieve while enjoying yourself at the same time.  Many people come on the courses alone - they make it their holiday and may not go anywhere else on their own but they know that at Tickhill they will be in good company and have an enjoyable time - often returning to be with the friends they have made while on previous courses. 

You will see that on courses we offer an evening meal - this is optional, but most people do stay and ofter return to the workshop after the meal to carry on working on their projects.  All food is prepared by my husband, Steve, and he likes to think that people only come on the courses because they love the food!  I must confess that the meals are a big part of the Tickhill experience so I allow him to think that! 

Please go to Happy Days 2 to see a short slideshow of some of the students enjoying their courses.



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