About me

Before you book a course, I'm sure you will want to know something about the person who will be teaching you. I was born and brought up in Wales but have lived in Yorkshire for many years so this is my adopted home. I was a Probation Officer and really got into miniatures when I retired (early!) in 1990 although I had a dollshouse some years prior to that.

In 1994, I won a scholarship to the Guild School in Castine in Maine, U.S. which was a blissful 10 days of 'miniaturing' with some of the best instructors in the USA. On one of the workshops I learned how to 'distress' or age objects and now I seem to specialise in making things look old, worn and 'lived in’!

I used to write articles for 'Dollshouse World' and its sister magazine 'Home Miniaturist'. I have also written for 'Miniature Collector, one of the leading dollshouse magazines in the States. Nowadays, however, I don't seem to be able to find the time to write and run courses.

Teaching is my greatest love as regards miniatures. I originally started teaching at Fittleworth in West Sussex and I have had my workshop here in Tickhill for 12 years and is is such a joy to me to see how satisfying it is for a student to master a new skill and produce a piece of work they never thought they were capable of.

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